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"My Notebook" is a notepad (notebook) app for Android.

The My Notebook app makes it easy to take notes, paste photos, and preview URLs (links). Handwriting and drawing features are also available.

This is a convenient notepad app that allows you to easily create your own memos by combining text, images, social media URLs, facility names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. (Works with Maps app and Phone app)

Images can be easily pasted into the memo, and when you add the URL of a social media post such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or X (formerly Twitter), a preview of the URL link is displayed for easy review of the content (Multiple URLs can be stored on one page).

You can record and manage the URLs of social media posts that are important to you in your notebook.

Features such as backup, sharing, and real-time character counting are also included.

This app has been localized. Please select the language used on your smartphone or tablet.