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Notepad App
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Notepad app with flexible combinations

Combine text, images, social media URLs, facility names and addresses, phone numbers, and more to easily create memos tailored to your preferences.
Images can be easily pasted into notes, and when you add URLs for social media posts from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), and others, URL link previews are displayed for a quick overview of the content.
It also includes features for handwriting, backup, sharing, and real-time character counting.

Basic Notes
Combined Notes (For Example)
Versatile Notes Combinations:
*This app displays the destination of social media links in 'URL Link Preview' format.
*Facility name or address works with map apps.
*Phone number works with phone apps.
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At-a-glance URL preview feature

Copy the linked URL of an article of information you are interested in, such as X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, or a news website, and paste it into My Notebook to preview thumbnails and site information in the URL preview display.

You can save multiple URLs on one page.

This is an example concerning rugby, a popular sport in the Republic of South Africa, where we've noted down the URLs of social media posts. We titled it 'Springboks' and copied & pasted the URL of 'Springboks' social media into a notepad. On the detailed screen, it will be displayed in URL Preview format. This way, you can jot down social media posts and news of your favorite followers.
URL preview

Note with just text

You can also record your thoughts and ideas in text format. You can easily jot down your thoughts in notes based on text.
Note with just text

Attach up to 3 photos

You can paste photos into your notes.
You can also create text-only notes or paste up to 3 photos and organize them in an album, notebook, or diary-style.
It has various uses, such as recording travel memories, schedules, recipes, events, and more.
Adding (pasting) photos related to your notes makes it easy to identify the content.
*Image placement may vary.
attach up to 3 photos

The attached photos can be enlarged and moved.

The attached photos can all be enlarged, reduced, and moved.

The attached photos can all be enlarged, reduced, and moved.

Real-time Character Count

The text input will display the character count simultaneously. Additionally, it will also count characters instantly even when copied and pasted.

Real-time Character Count


You can share this on messaging apps like Facebook, Messenger, LINE, and email apps.
It depends on the receiving app.
If an image is attached and text is input, sharing the image takes priority.
If only text is present, the text will be shared.


Handwriting and Drawing

Handwritten notes can be added to the canvas or drawn on top of placed images.

handwriting and drawing


The main text can also be entered using voice input by tapping the microphone icon.
If you want to continue entering text, please tap the microphone icon again.

Integration with map and call apps

No need to enter details like addresses.
By entering names of stores or facilities, you can link them to installed map and phone apps.
It's convenient to input places you plan to visit before going out.

*The last three digits of the reference image phone number are hidden.
*Except for theme parks, city/town + store name works well in the map app.
Integration with map and call apps

(Action) URL Preview

(URL Copy Reference)
Operation-1. Tap the buttons in each social media app to copy the article's URL.

Operation-2. From the 'My Notebook' new or edit screen, paste the copied URL into the main text and tap the 'Save' button.

(Action) URL Preview
(About Advertising)

・Ads are displayed but placed in non-intrusive locations that won't affect your browsing or interactions. (Changes may be made if necessary due to circumstances.)

・Ad content is limited to general categories to ensure that even children can use the app with peace of mind. (Advertising in categories such as online gaming or gambling is pre-blocked.)

- Facebook, Instagram are trademarks or registered trademarks of Meta Platforms, Inc.

- X (formerly: Twitter) is a trademark or registered trademark of Twitter, Inc.

- Google Maps, YouTube are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC.

- Kewpie 3-Minute Cooking is a trademark or registered trademark of Kewpie Corporation.

- Cookpad is a trademark or registered trademark of Cookpad Corporation.

- Kikkoman is a trademark or registered trademark of Kikkoman Corporation.

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