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Notepad App
― My Notebook ―

Notepad app with flexible combinations

Combine text, images, social media URLs, facility names and addresses, phone numbers, and more to easily create memos tailored to your preferences.
Images can be easily pasted into memos, and when you add URLs for social media posts from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), and others, URL link previews are displayed for a quick overview of the content.
It also includes features for handwriting, backup, sharing, and real-time character count.

Basic Notes:
Combined Notes (For Example):
Versatile Notes Combinations:
*This app displays the destination of social media links in 'URL Link Preview' format.
*Facility name or address works with map apps.
*Phone number works with phone apps.

This app has been localized.
Please choose the language you are using on your smartphone or tablet.

If there are no corresponding countries, languages are generally supported: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Hindi, and Japanese.

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